Always work top to bottom

Begin with the ceiling and then move onto the walls. Always start from the top to the bottom. If you go from bottom to top, splashes are likely land on your newly panted surfaces – –not ideal!

One coat usually isn’’t enough so we recommended that you have a cup of tea, while you wait for the first coat to dry. You’ll know that it needs another coat if it looks patchy or you can still see the previous coat underneath. Make sure that the previous coat(s) are dry before you apply the next one as it will affect the final finish.

Most importantly, make sure you enjoy your decorating – tune into a sing-along station on the radio or find a good play listen too. Decorating shouldn’t be a chore it should be fun!

Moving into a new house, why not throw a painting party. You provide the painting materials, food and drink whilst your friends provide the labour. Alternatively, give Holloway Painting & Decorating a call for a fast, competitive quote!