Smooth walls – it’s all in the preparation

Here at Holloway Painting & Decorating we probably spend as much time preparing your walls as we do painting them. It may seem obvious but it is often the preparation that makes the difference between an average DIY job and that much sort-after professional finish. Just follow these simple steps below and you’ll be painting your walls like a pro.

First clean the surfaces your are going to paint. If they are particularly grubby then buy some Sugar Soap from your local DIY store. This will help remove the grim.

Next, fill in any cracks and holes with a good quality filler. You can buy ready mixed filler or you can buy it in power form. We’d recommend using the powder because it keeps longer, it has a finer finish and you can mix the right amount to the exact consistency. Stiffer for large cracks and holes. Wetter for smaller holes and for smooth finishes. Remember to always reseal any unused sachets of filler powder as they will take up moister from the air and start to set quicker next time you use it.

Once the filler has gone off, start to rub the walls down with sandpaper. We’d suggest using 120 or 150-grit sandpaper using only light-to-moderate pressure. A very important tip is to close the door(s) of the room where you’re working, so the dust doesn’t go throughout the rest of the house. Always remember to wear a mask so you don’t in hail any dust.

Once you’ve finished sanding you are ready to paint, but before you do, you’ll need to ensure your surfaces are dust free otherwise all of your hard work will be for nothing.

Lastly, always buy the best materials you can afford, especially paint brushes. Buying cheap paint is often a false economy too as many more coats are usually required. Give your paint the recommended time to dry between coats otherwise laying second or third coats over paint that hasn’t dried thoroughly will affect the quality of your finish!

Not enough time or inclination, why not give Holloway Painting & Decorating a call for a fast, competitive quote!